What all do you need to for a website?

We already discussed why every business or organization should have their own website. Here we will discuss what all is required for a website and how much it may cost?

Website consists of different components – the domain name, the website pages and the server space where you host these website pages.

Domain name is the registered name of your website. It is the web address or unique name by which users will find your website on the Internet. Examples of a domain name will be webappsinteractive.com, Takeela.com, StrategicPrism.org. You have to get yourself a domain name before you can host a website. A domain name, usually costs between $9 to $18; depending upon the top level domain (TLD) you choose. (TLDs are the suffix to your domain name – .com, .org. net etc) Check here, if your desired domain name is available.

Next you need a place on an Internet called Web Space, to host the files which consist of your website. Web hosting companies offer different web hosting packages based on features like amount of web space, number of databases, programing language etc. Other value added services include SSL certificates, no. of emails etc. A web hosting package generally starts from $100 or INR 5000 per year. Cost of the hosting package varies depending upon the type of hosting and features you choose.

A Web Developer who may design your website should be able to help you choose the right hosting package because he would know the technical details of requirements of your website. If you need help deciding the best hosting package for your website Call us at +91 85916 33904 or email us info@webappsinteractive.com for a free quote.
Once you have secured the domain name and hosting space for your website. It is time to develop the website. Website is essentially the pages where you will put up information and pictures about your business, products or service.

Websites are of different types; it can be a simple brochure website which showcases your business or service with an option for the user to contact you online through a form or email. It can also be a full featured online store where you showcase your products and customers can place orders and you can accept online payments. Other types of websites consist of custom applications such as membership websites or online appointment booking etc.
These days, it is very easy to develop websites, if you have time and you are tech savvy enough, you can develop your own website with several free and paid tools available. However, to have a professional website, we recommend you hire a website development agency. Cost of website is dependent on the features you require.

If you are looking to develop a website for your business or organization, let us know your requirements. We would provide a custom quote based on your specific requirements. You can call us at +91 8591633904 or contact us online.


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